ECOTON paper lids are a line of paper lids that are ideal for preserving the aroma and warmth of a drink, while not harming the environment as they can be recycled into paper. The product complies with all food regulations.

From the point of view of environmental protection, paper is better than plastic. Paper lids are an environmentally friendly product. Using paper lids is safe even for children. Paper does not emit harmful substances, even when it interacts with hot drinks. This is possible due to the absence of inorganic substances in the production process.

IMPORTANTLY! As a manufacturer, we are ready to make a paper lid for you in your unique size, in the size that will be interesting only to you.

In addition, we can make a paper lid of any color and shade, as well as place a logo, an inscription, a picture at your request.

This will make your final product unique, recognizable, and memorable!

Why are ECOTON paper lids better than plastic lids?

Cozy and comfortable

A cup with a paper lid looks more expensive, so visitors are more likely to share it on social media.

It works for your image and you increase the social capital of your brand.

The paper lid fits tightly to the cup, the drops do not flow through it, but are absorbed.


Paper lids for cups of coffee and other drinks are a great advertising medium!
You can place your company name, logo, and contacts!

A paper lid looks aesthetically pleasing and can become a direct advertisement for something, bringing good income to the cafe owner. Thus, paper lids with a logo will pay off in full and quickly. The cool design of the branded paper lid will set you apart from other competitors!


If paper lids have been released into the environment, they are safe for humans and nature. They do not require special processing.

Paper lids are processed like ordinary cardboard, are taken to special enterprises, and can be used for the production of other paper products.

Paper lids are not just an environmental trend, but a real help to the planet that you and your business can provide.

Use of ECOTON paper lids is a great example
of the responsible attitude of your business to the environment!