ECOTON paper lids for disposable cups of coffee and other drinks are a great advertising medium on which you can place your company name, logo, and contacts! A cool design of a branded paper lid for cups will set you apart from competitors!

Paper lids for cups of coffee and other drinks:

  • do not harm health
  • made from European cardboard
  • quality cardboard that does not get wet
  • great for hot drinks
  • pleasant to the touch
  • 100% ecological product
  • do not harm the environment

The cost of printing on the lids (branding) can be found upon request.

Applying on one side of the lid, the minimum edition is the order of lids in the amount of 50,000 units in one design and size. In some cases, we may consider reducing the print run to 30,000 units.

We use a high-performance, flexographic, six-color Legat-500 planetary-type machine for applying logos to paper lids. Printing is carried out as a separate operation – a roll of cardboard of a given format is fed to the machine, after which printing is applied according to the layout agreed with the customer.

At the exit, we receive a sealed roll form, which is then fed to the paper cap forming equipment. This implementation provides for the printing of complex designs with highly detailed content, including photographic images (high linearity of raster stretches and minimal discrepancy in the combination of printed colors).


Conforming to the requirements, only the layout that is executed in the Adobe Illustrator is NOT MORE THAN version 10.0.

Vector Graphics: texts and logos should be in vector form. File extension ai, eps. Color model CMYK. All transparency and meshes – rasterize! All objects hidden in the mask – cut to the shape of the mask! Brushes translate into objects, fonts in curves!

Raster Graphics: Photoshop. Color model CMYK, 300 dpi. The extension of the linked files is .tif. The sizes of the raster files correspond to their sizes in the original form (do not stretch and do not rotate the link in Illustrator at an angle)!

Layouts made in Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator above the tenth version, or not complying with the above requirements, are accepted, but considered as requiring refinement! The cost of finalizing the layout is negotiated individually.

Invalid export from Illustrator to Corel Draw.

The numbers of the desired colors should be indicated strictly according to the Pantone Solid Coated catalog and Pantone Solid Uncoated catalog.