Paper lid – Ø 75 mm

Color: white
Suitable for cups: 250 ml
Manufacturer Country: Ukraine
Producer: TM ECOTON

Price: on request

ECOTON paper lids are a line of paper lids that are ideal for preserving the aroma and warmth of a drink, while not harming the environment as they can be recycled into paper. The product complies with all standards for contact with food products.

ECOTON paper lids are heat-resistant, retain heat for a long time, fit tightly to the cup, do not harm the environment, are made of paper with moisture-repellent additives, without pesticides and dyes, and are made in a unique design.

Number of lids in the package: 50 pcs.
Number of packages in a box: 37 packages
Number of lids in a box: 1850 pcs.
Lid for a cup size: 250 ml
Diameter of the lid: 75 mm
Material: paper
Applies to: cold and hot drinks
Color: white
Lid height: 11 mm

The use of ECOTON paper lids is rightfully considered an excellent example
of a responsible attitude of your business to ecology!