Paper lid – Ø 91 mm

Color: white
Suitable for cups: 400 ml, 500 ml
Manufacturer Country: Ukraine
Producer: TM ECOTON

Price: on request

ECOTON paper lids are a line of paper lids that are ideal for preserving the aroma and warmth of a drink, while not harming the environment as they can be recycled into paper. The product complies with all standards for contact with food products.

The lid is suitable for cold and hot drinks, food products. Can be used for containers with rice, cereals or soups, can also be used for containers with desserts, fruits, ice cream.

Number of lids in the package: 50 pcs.
Number of packages in a box: 24 packages
Number of lids in a box: 1200 pcs.
Lid for a cup size: 400 ml, 500 ml
Diameter of the lid: 91 mm
Material: paper
Applies to: cold and hot drinks and food
Color: white
Lid height: 11 mm

The use of ECOTON paper lids is rightfully considered an excellent example
of a responsible attitude of your business to ecology!